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Pressure building up

My view didn’t change since my recent video: Bitcoin still looks like it could break out to the upside, but seems to be hesitant. That could be due to the CME – pumping before CME trading continues would leave (another) gap on the chart. Bitcoin still has the support of a wide ichimoku cloud on …

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Bitcoin breakout?

Bitcoin is still trading higher, setting higher lows – but not higher highs. It’s always topping out around 12,000 dollars, and we’ve seen that before: In early 2019 when Bitcoin just couldn’t make it above 4,000 dollars. But once that resistance was broken, Bitcoin embarked on a journey to 14,000 dollars. Now this sounds like …

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Bitcoin – Next leg up?

After its recent 10% dump a few days ago, Bitcoin recovered pretty well and once again hit the 12,000 dollars level. This was followed by another, weaker rejection – and zooming out, this looks like a continuation pattern. Bitcoin spent around 85 days trading between 8,500 – 9,900 dollars before taking another leg up, and …

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Incoming Correction?

Bitcoin hit the 11,700 dollars level after overcoming the 11,300 dollars resistance, just as I expected. The gap isn’t quite closed yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it being closed soon. Again, I don’t think that there’s any reason for gaps to be filled – but it happens almost every time and by …

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