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Advanced Trading Academy

Advanced Trading Academy

Forflies Advanced Trading Academy is an online video course designed for beginners, teaching the skills of trading.

Inside, you will gain access to over 30 video lessons of actionable content to advance your trading career. You will learn all the advanced trading theories and strategies that our team of analysts use, from A to Z – all bases covered.

The Goal of Forflies Advanced Trading Academy!

Our goal is to allow anyone to pick up these courses regardless of experience, learn to trade, and do great analysis.

We recognize that learning the fundamentals can take months or years using conventional methods of self-teaching. This is why we have compiled all the knowledge our team of successful traders has into our easy to understand & actionable courses.

Yearly VIP members will get FREE enrollment to Forflies Advanced Trading Academy!

Advanced Trading Academy

The Advanced Trading Academy includes everything from the Basic Trading Academy as well as 10+ hours of video content covering:

  • All the basics of crypto trading
  • How successful traders prioritize indicators
  • In-depth tutorials on the use of exchanges
  • Changing your analysis style with the market flow
  • The nuances of fundamental TA skills (commonly skipped by many traders)
  • Explanations on how to navigate abnormally rough trading ranges
  • In-depth videos on how to conquer psychological traps as a trader
  • How to engage with the emotions of other traders without succumbing to them yourself

How to Enroll

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  3. A BTC address will be sent to you along with the exact BTC amount which you need to send.
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  5. Once confirmed, you will be enrolled in the course.

PRICE: One-off $2,680 USD paid via BTC

DISCLAIMER: The results that Sami and his students are seeing are what is possible to make through Cryptocurrency and Sami’s methods. Please understand that results like the ones shared are not typical. They are achievable, but not promised. The average person who follows the information inside COULD see results. They may vary – you may make more, less, or the same. The results shown are used strictly as examples, not promises. Anyone can be removed from the course at any time and for any reason – without a refund. The value of any investment can go down as well as up. You may not get back all the money you invested or traded. The results you will see will depend on many factors that may or may not be in your control. What your results will NOT depend on are your background and current experience. All businesses/trading environments entail risk and tremendous and consistent action. If you cannot accept that, this program is not for you.

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