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How I Set Momentum Orders on Bitmex

Breaking Down Bullish/Bearish Wicks

Determining Where To Use Fib Lines

Breakouts Vs Fakeouts – How I Trade on Bitmex

Exchange Order Types


XRP Analysis

Risk/Reward Setups

Covering Index Stops And Your Questions (VIP STREAM)

Altcoin Ascending Triangles + Realtime Analysis

Real time analysis and questions answered

VIP video summarising which setups I’m eyeing right now

Why I Didn’t Set Orders for the BTC Breakout Earlier

Why I Bought TSLA + How I Will Trade It Moving Forward

Journalling My Trades

This is a very, very thorough set of criteria to evaluate yourself against!

Criteria Outlined: Journalling My Trades

  1. Date & Ticker
  2. Type (long/short)
  3. Qty/allocation
  4. Entry & Exit
  5. Leverage
  6. Profit/Loss (BTC/ USD/ %)
  7. Emotion at entry
  8. Technical reasons for/against the trade
  9. Physiological (rested? Sleep? Diet? Etc)
  10. What to improve next

Altcoin Updates

First weekly altcoin update of March

14.10.19 Weekly Altcoin Update

Trade Breakdowns

Breaking Down My BTC Long Position

In-Depth Analysis of My BCH Trade

Breakdown of The Trades I Plan on Entering

My BTC Trade

My potential ADA trade

Breakdown of Historic Trades (mini-series)

Breakdown #1

Breakdown #2

Breakdown #3

Breakdown #4

Breakdown #5

Breakdown #6

Breakdown #7 XRP Scalp

Breakdown #8 Manipulating R/R Setups

Breakdown #9 Trading a Breakout

Forflies Trading Academy (FREE Sneak Peak)

Playlist Description

This is a playlist including 5 FREE videos taken directly from the Forflies Trading Academy. This playlist is for those who want to get up to speed on the mechanics of how to trade. If you want to gain full access to the course where I teach you everything I know about trading (10hrs+ video content).

Video Topics

  1. A tutorial on TradingView (where I analyze markets)
  2. An explanation of different order types
  3. A tutorial on Bybit (where I trade
  4. A tutorial on Bitmex (also where I trade)
  5. A tutorial on how to calculate profits and losses

If you are new to the game, please watch these in the order they are presented to you.

TradingView FULL A to Z Tutorial

VIP VIDEO – Order Types

VIP VIDEO – Calculating PNL

DOUBLE YOUR PORTFOLIO WHEN BTC IS CRASHING – Bitmex Margin Leverage Trading Tutorial

DOUBLE YOUR PORTFOLIO WHEN BTC IS CRASHING – Bitmex Margin Leverage Trading Tutorial

DISCLAIMER: The results that Sami and his students are seeing are what is possible to make through Cryptocurrency and Sami’s methods. Please understand that results like the ones shared are not typical. They are achievable, but not promised. The average person who follows the information inside COULD see results. They may vary – you may make more, less, or the same. The results shown are used strictly as examples, not promises. Anyone can be removed from the course at any time and for any reason – without a refund. The value of any investment can go down as well as up. You may not get back all the money you invested or traded. The results you will see will depend on many factors that may or may not be in your control. What your results will NOT depend on are your background and current experience. All businesses/trading environments entail risk and tremendous and consistent action. If you cannot accept that, this program is not for you.

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