Forflies Crypto

Pressure building up

My view didn’t change since my recent video: Bitcoin still looks like it could break out to the upside, but seems to be hesitant. That could be due to the CME – pumping before CME trading continues would leave (another) gap on the chart.

Bitcoin still has the support of a wide ichimoku cloud on the 4h. Although the cloud is getting smaller, which could become a problem once it turns red, I’m not worried about that as there’s another pretty bullish sign: Bitcoin was rejected by the 11,900 – 12,000 dollars level several times since the last video, and every time it got rejected, we saw a V-shape correction. That means that all the dips are being bought fast, which is a sign of confidence.

Ethereum is once again offering a very nice opportunity. It seems to be slowly sliding towards the 400 dollars level, which was strong resistance before. If we see an S/R flip here, Ethereum could see a strong bounce – and I intend to long that.