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Ethereum: New ATH incoming?

As expected, Bitcoin filled the gap on the CME chart and then dumped. After the dump, the 11,300-11,400 dollars area again acted as resistance, and it took BTC several attempts to get back above that level. While that area acted as resistance several times over the past 10 days, it never acted as support. Seeing a clean S/R here would be a really good sign.

Ethereum is also doing well as it’s currently trading at a 2 year high – the last time it traded above 400 dollars was in August 2018. At this point, there’s not really any resistance ahead of Ethereum and the path to a new ATH over the next few months looks clear.

Gold also reached a new ATH today as it crossed 2,000 dollars per ounce. That’s a lot of volatility, and a lot of volatility means a lot of opportunities, which is why I’m currently trading gold on the Phemex exchange. You can sign up here: