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Are you ready to level up?

Transform your life and business with a one-on-one consultation by yours truly.

I’ll train you to work with your minds, not your time. Because successful businesses boil down to one thing: leverage.

With the general advice on my YouTube and paid channels, I’ve helped many people level up. Now they play in the big leagues.

With one-on-one consultation, I will focus on YOUR business/hustle.
Many clients just like yourself have gained valuable insights into new ways they can exponentially increase revenue – usually just with simple steps.

How it works

  1. You explain to me your current position. Successes and pains you face.
  2. I’ll show you the challenges ahead and reveal the goldmines you haven’t seen yet. 3. Every call ends with a detailed action plan to execute.

Be prepared to take a lot of notes. You won’t want to miss anything.


This service is available for $500/hour for the first session and $1000/hour thereafter while I develop this offering.

Later the price will rise to $5,000.

Payments can be made via BTC or credit card or PayPal.

CC or PayPal payments will incur a 10% surcharge.

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